GLB files

glTF is a standard file format for 3D models, and is described as the JPEG of 3D. GLB is a binary version of the glTF format which contains all the model assets in a single compressed file. This makes it convenient to use and generally more efficient to load on the web. TinyGLB supports just the GLB file type.

Create a GLB file

There are a variety of tools that support the creation or conversion of GLB files, but Blender is often considered one of the best tools to use. With your model appropriately set up in Blender you can go to File > Export and select glTF 2.0 (.glb/.gltf), and ensure the format is set to glTF Binary (.glb) before exporting.

Other tools that allow you to inspect and modify aspects of an existing GLB model such as materials include Gestaltor and model-viewer.

Share a GLB file

With our free GLB hosting service it's as simple as uploading your 3D model and clicking Publish to Web. There is no sign up required, so you can publish your model online almost instantly. We'll create a web page for your model and you can share the link however you wish.

Embed a GLB file

Embedding a 3D model in your website can be done easily using TinyGLB. Once the model is published you can use a snippet of HTML like the example below to embed the model within your website. You just need to replace the URL with the link to your own model.

<iframe src="" style="border: 0; height: 600px; width: 100%"></iframe>

Customise the model web page

You can add controls to your model web page called "selectors" which allow the user to customise the view of the 3D model:

Read more about this in our guide to building a 3D product configurator.