Sketchfab vs TinyGLB

TinyGLB is a lightweight alternative to Sketchfab for hosting and sharing 3D models in the GLB (GLTF Binary) format. In this article we’ll discuss some of the main differences between the two platforms.

Private uploads

Both platforms support private uploads, which means they can only be accessed by someone who has the unique URL to that model. This feature is available for free in TinyGLB, but Sketchfab requires a Pro plan subscription at $180 per year.


Both platforms support embedding of uploaded models within a website. TinyGLB provides a clean embedded view with no branding or additional controls. This is available for free in TinyGLB. This is also possible in Sketchfab but it requires a Premium plan subscription at $948 per year.

Viewer features

As an established platform, Sketchfab provides the most viewer customisation features, however TinyGLB is being constantly improved to add more features in this area.

Upload limits

The Sketchfab free plan allows 10 uploads per month that are shown on your Sketchfab profile. It also provides unlimited uploads for models that are downloadable or in the store. The model size limit on the free plan is 100MB. The Pro and Premium plans allow for up to 50 and 200 uploads per month respectively.

The TinyGLB free plan allows unlimited uploads per month, but each upload expires after 90 days. A Plus plan can be purchased for $49 per year which provides unlimited uploads which don’t expire. The model size limit on TinyGLB is 50MB.

Model formats supported

TinyGLB only supports the GLB (GLTF Binary) format, and Sketchfab supports a wide range of 3D formats such as GLTF/GLB, BLEND, FBX and OBJ.